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  • Educate your organizations and govenment leaders on the importance of being prepared to Stop the Bleeding
  • Connect with the media in your area to share Stop the Bleeding information
  • Collaborate with your local schools, first responders, law enforcement and medical professionals to amplify your voice
  • Use social media – Facebook, Twitter, etc. to spread the word out about the need for tourniquets, hemostatic agents, gloves and other tools in your community


  • Identify the number of kits needed to Stop the Bleeding in your community
  • Locations can include schools, stadiums, malls, libraries and work facilities
  • Kits are also needed by first responders, law enforcement and medical professionals
  • Kits consist of tourniquets, hemostatic agents, gloves and other tools
  • Organize a charity drive to get the kits your community needs – contact for more info on how to do this
Stop Bleeding


Get the Kits Your Community Needs


Stop the Bleeding Coalition has partnered with Amp Your Good to make organizing a charity drive easy, effective, and at no cost.

  1. Gather information needed for your Drive – the number of kits desired, who is sponsoring the drive, the message to your community, start date and end date.
  2. Amp will use this information to set up your drive. The drive page will look like this:demodrive1
  3. Once your drive is set up, you can promote it to your community. Ask people to visit your drive’s web page to participate. If they want to contribute, they select the donate button and go to a page that looks like the one below. People support the drive by purchasing the kits they want to donate.demodrive2
  4. Donors receive an email confirmation that looks like this:deomdrive3
  5. After the drive is over, all of the kits will be delivered in a bulk shipment to the organization that sponsored the drive.