• Join the Coalition to Stop the Bleeding
  • Educate your government leaders on the importance of stopping bleeding on-site with Bleeding Control Kits
  • Encourage them to purchase these Kits and make them universally available in public places, such as schools, stadiums, malls, libraries and work facilities
  • Stay in touch and provide updates on the needs in your community
  • Collaborate with your local schools, law enforcement and medical professionals in this effort to amplify your voice
  • Plan media events or letters to the editor explaining the importance of this issue, especially increasing numbers of mass casualty incidents across the county over the past decade
  • Use social media – Facebook, Twitter, etc. to spread the word out about the need for tourniquets, hemostatic agents, gloves and other tools in your community


  • Join the Coalition to Stop the Bleeding by calling (202) 621-7077 or emailing
  • Provide insight and feedback as the Coalition works to educate government on the federal, state and local levels
  • Shape national legislation to make Bleeding Control Kits universally available
  • Make a difference by joining forces with national public policy, public health, ¬†and law enforcement leaders
Join the Coalition!
Stop Bleeding



Blue ForeverBlue Forever is a non-profit making a difference in protecting police officers from bleeding to death when they are shot in the line of duty.